Shop M.Rena through Faire for various perks such as NET60 terms, free shipping for your first year, $100 off your first order, and free returns on your first order.

What is FAIRE?

Faire is a central marketplace where entrepreneurs can shop products from over 85,000 independent wholesalers all around the world, all in one convenient website. Shopping through Faire provides perks such as:

  • Recommendations from all wholesalers based on your purchase history.
  • Curated shopping experiences based on locality, or products not available on Amazon.
  • NET 60 payment terms so you can shop now and pay 60 days later, interest-free.

New customers recieve:

  • Free shipping for the first year you join.
  • $100 off your first order.
  • And free returns on your first order.

Faire's mission is to empower independent entrepreneurs to chase their dreams. By simplifying the wholesale buying process and bringing together independent brands and retailers from around the world, they strive to level the playing field for small businesses everywhere.

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